The X-DVRS IP024 NVR Recorder is designed for a temperature and humidity range according to DIN EN 50155. The field proven fanless hardware concept and the use of industrial components.

Up to 24 IP cameras from different vendor can be attached

The video data from the connected cameras are recorded to a removable storage tray using the First in First out (FIFO) principle. This removable storage tray is protected against unauthorized access by a key lock.

The removable storage tray consists of 2x 2.5“ HDD’s plus a SD card of 32GB for ‘buffer’ storage. The data recording concept of the X-DVRS 16024 called Hybrid Data Management employs redundant video recording thanks to the interactive hard disc protection. The recording design ensures the availability of video data even when there are heavy vibrations at extreme low temperature or if both the HDD’s are failing.

The X-DVRS IP024 has an integrated self-diagnostics tool which detects and displays errors, this includes exceeding and undercuts of the designated temperature range, hard disc (HDD) errors as well as camera or recorder errors.

Five (5) LED indicators on the front face of the NVR show status information e.g. NVR is recording, camera failure, SDD tray not locked, camera tampering etc..

The recording speed and the picture resolution of the recording in case of an incident can be configured independently from the continuous recording mode.

The incident recordings can be protected from FIFO overwriting. The number of alarm recordings can be limited either by the hard disc size or the determined storage period, e.g. a specified number of days. In this case, the alarm will be saved for a maximum of xxhours before they are overwritten based on the FIFO principle.

Technical Data
•    Up to 24 IP Cameras
•    3 independed LAN connections
•    Automatic fail over mechanism
•    Automatic temperature controlled recording
•    Passive Cooling, fanless
•    Dual Harddisc Tray
•    EN50155

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